Sweet and Sour Pickles

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My neighbor planted three
Mary P.
My neighbor planted three rows of pickling cucumber plants. She brought me a baskets full of small pickling cucumbers. I'm not much of a 'canner', let's face it.., for me, it is due to the time involved to prepare for it, and at the end maybe being disappointed if what I canned didn't turn out right. I ususally take the lazy way out & buy store bought. I don't like to waste food. I thought sharing these garden fresh cucs was a great idea until my friends and family stopped opening their doors when I showed up....lol I talked myself into trying this recipe and can the last of the cucs my neighbor shared with me. I am so glad I did!! It was so easy! I also shared the canned pickles with friends and family. After opening the 'only jar' I saved for myself.., the pickles tasted amazing! NOW..,I was regretting giving away all those garden fresh cucs! I could have have filled my pantry shelves with pints and pints of these wonderful pickles! I will be prepared this spring and can't wait for my neighbor to share her cucs with me...I'll can every one of them and KEEP THEM ALL! Thanks for posting this recipe. Mary P. from Illinois
These cucumbers were lovely
carol c.
These cucumbers were lovely really crunchy.lovely in a sandwich. Maybe a bit too sweet will use slightly less sugar next time. But very good.
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