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Strawberry Vinaigrette

Tired of the same old salad dressing? It's a snap to make berry-flavored vinegars, which add wonderful pizzazz to just about any greens. Making fruit-infused vinegar only takes about an hour, or you can fast-track the vinaigrette if you don't have any on hand with the method described below.

1 Servings



Earthbound Farm Organic Strawberries (hulled)

2 Tbsp

champagne vinegar

½ tsp


¼ tsp


2 Tbsp

pecan or almond oil

2 Tbsp

canola oil


Place the berries in a small bowl and mash them with a fork. Add the vinegar, sugar and salt, and stir to blend. Let the mixture sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes (and up to 3 hours).

Transfer the mixture to a fine mesh sieve set over a bowl and strain the liquid, pressing lightly on the solids. Don’t press too hard, or you’ll squeeze pulp into the vinegar and it will be cloudy.

Transfer the strawberry vinegar to a clean jar, then add the pecan and canola oils. Seal tightly and shake vigorously to blend. The dressing is best at room temperature, but if you’re not using it within a few hours, you can refrigerate it in the jar for up to 1 week.

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