Savory Bread Pudding with Spinach, Gruyère and Shiitakes

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I made this for a side dish
Gail F.
I made this for a side dish to bring to a friend's Christmas dinner. OMG, this dish was so amazing. The guests all went back for seconds and raved about it. They asked for the recipe, so I passed it on. Made a double recipe so I cut back on the salt. I also added just a pinch of nutmeg and tarragon. I will certainly make this again. Thinking that I may add a pinch of marjaram next time. Thank you for such a great recipe.
This recipe goes together
Jean B.
This recipe goes together easy but looks like you slaved all day...a repeat winner at my house, especially for a lazy Sunday brunch paired with big cups of coffee (or tea) and reading the Sunday newspaper!
Delish! I added smoked
M R.
Delish! I added smoked shredded pork for our family, it was great! I will absolutely use again. Though one note, I will use denser bread next time. I just used whole wheat rolls, they where a bit soft. A nice seeded dense bread will def add to the dish.
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