Power Summer Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

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I absolutely love this salad!
Christen *.
I absolutely love this salad! I usually don't include the fennel because I'm not a fan of fennel, and I use a can of corn because I don't usually have time to use fresh corn. I definitely make the dressing every time though, because it's to die for. I just don't bother pureeing it because it's fine just whisked together, again for the sake of time. So those shortcuts bring it down to about half an hour of prep time. We had a friend over this weekend who had never heard of kale, and said he generally doesn't eat anything green, and he actually really liked it! And also, my husband who I very rarely am able to talk into eating salad actually gets excited when I make this salad! Great way to impress your company but also give them something nutritious.
Christen R.
DELICIOUS!!! Even friends and family who usually steer clear of anything green have said they love this salad! It's THE BEST. Seriously. If I don't have time to use fresh corn I sometimes cheat and use canned which is still very good, but if you bbq and extra ear and use it in the salad, it really gives it an extra kick of yumminess. Also I ususally don't take the time to puree the dressing, I think it's fine just whisked really well right before I use it. Anyway, if you're trying to find ways to incorporate one of the healthiest greens that exists, this is a great start. And your company will really be impressed.
Delicious dressing! I didn't
Cate B.
Delicious dressing! I didn't have all the veggies called for, but the dressing complements the baby kale wonderfully and I'm sure it would be even better with all the different vegetables.
One of the best salads ever!
Pam *.
One of the best salads ever! So delicious.. and it was a great way to get the family to try kale. They now request 'that kale salad' for weekend cookouts.
This is hands down my
Chris G.
This is hands down my favorite salad! The flavors are delicious together. Do not mess with the ingredients - they are perfect together.
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