Moroccan Carrot Salad


Grated carrots provide a delightful crunch and their mild flavor makes a perfect foil for this salad's other ingredients, making it wonderfully versatile. Here we've added raisins, dates, and dried apricots to the salad, and moistened them with a cumin and orange dressing. Parsley and mint add a bright, refreshing note, but you can also use cilantro, if you prefer. Feel free to throw in some pistachios or almonds, but be sure to add them just before serving so they don't get soggy.


1 pound fresh peeled carrots (grated, about 4 cups)
1/4 cup raisins or currants
1/4 cup diced dried apricots
1/4 cup sliced dates (preferably Medjool)
1/4 cup minced fresh parsley
1/4 cup minced fresh mint
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
3 tablespoons almond or canola oil
1 tablespoon unseasoned rice vinegar
1 teaspoon honey or agave syrup
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
  pinch red pepper flakes (or to taste)


Place the carrots, raisins, apricots, dates, parsley, and mint in a large bowl and toss to combine.

Combine the orange juice, oil, vinegar, honey, salt, cumin, and red pepper flakes in a small jar and seal tightly. Shake vigorously to combine. Pour the dressing over the carrot mixture and toss to blend. Serve immediately or refrigerate the salad, covered, for up to 4 hours. Toss again before serving.


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