Grandma's Unpeeled Apple Cake

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I was looking for a fresh
Faye O.
I was looking for a fresh apple cake with unpeeled apples since I had lost my recipe. This was a very good cake. I found the cake didn't seem to be done in the center but the outside was done. I followed the recipe exactly except I omitted the cinnamon and pecans because of family allergies. The icing is not something I would do again. It was way to buttery and not really a glaze or icing. The recipe doesn't specify what kind of sugar or milk. I used skim milk since that is what I had and granulated sugar. I thought the cake would be too sweet with so much sugar but it wasn't. Still I liked the cake. The family thought it was good, but my sister thought it was more like a bread pudding. [originally posted on 6/27/10]
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