Arugula Salad with Roasted Pears and Blue Cheese

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Superb, with just a few
Elaine B.
Superb, with just a few tweaks No maple syrup so used honey instead, opened, drained and rinsed a small can of sliced beetroot, a ded this to the pears once turned after the first 10 minutes (we left the skin on the pears as they were nice, ripe and juicy. Added some powdered dry mustard to the vinigerette -for this we used the remaining honey that we used to coat the pears, the mustard and some balsamic vinegar. When served, not only dud we use arugla but also some spinach, placed pears and beetroot on top, sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese and served the dressing separate along with some croutons. For two people with 4 medium pears, this was our main meal. Yummy and I will be sure to do the same again. Thanks for the idea.
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