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Premium Jumbo Flame Seedless Raisins
Moist and chewy, these big Flame raisins are some of the best you’ve ever tasted. Spectacular as snacks, perfect for all kinds of sweet and savory recipes.
  • 10 oz resealable canister
Premium Jumbo Thompson Seedless Raisins
These extra-plump, extra-large Thompson seedless raisins will spoil you! Chewy, moist and delicious for snacking, cooking, or baking.
  • 10 oz resealable canister
Thompson Seedless Raisin Mini Packs
A favorite chewy treat in a perfect size for children’s snacks or school lunchboxes.
  • 0.5 oz, 14 ct bag
Thompson Seedless Raisin Snack Packs
Sweet and chewy organic raisins conveniently sized for lunch bags, briefcases, backpacks or gym bags.
  • 1.5 oz, 6 ct pack
Thompson Seedless Raisins
A moist, sweet and chewy favorite for all ages, perfect for snacking or cooking.
  • 6 oz recloseable bag
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