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When Small = Big

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Appearing on the Today Show, nutritionist, Food Network host and author Ellie Krieger (her latest: Small Changes, Big Results) demonstrates that when you’re trying to eat healthier, small changes can generate results that last — and if you go off track, small adjustments can get you headed back in the right direction.

She starts out with some “go-to” kitchen staples: if you keep them on hand, you can always whip up a quick, healthy and delicious meal…even on those terrible tired weeknights when you’re so hungry and so short of time.

  • Frozen, sustainably caught shrimp as a lean protein (sub in chicken breasts or tofu, if you prefer)
  • Whole grain pasta
  • Convenient pre-washed greens — look, it’s Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix!

Watch Ellie's segment on the Today Show (check out her recipes below the video, too!). Maybe 1 or 2 of her tips could work for your family in your kitchen. 

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