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What to Buy Organic: Strawberries

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When you’re hungry for sweet, juicy strawberries, choose organic — here’s why:

  1. Delicious flavor. Few foods can make your taste buds as happy as a luscious organic strawberry — and research has found that organic strawberries have more of important nutrients that make your body happy, too.
  2. Better for you. Strawberries are #2 on the Environmental Working Group's “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce” — a list of produce that carries the most pesticide residues when grown conventionally. Sharing organic strawberries is a great way for you — and your kids — to stay away from chemicals on your fruit.
  3. Better for the planet. We raise our sweet organic strawberries with care for the fruit and for the land; sustainable organic farming methods build healthy ecosystems and help keep toxic synthetic chemicals out of our soil, air, water and food supply.

Pick up some organic strawberries next time you shop. How will you enjoy them? 

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