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Weigh In: Grocery Priorities for 2013

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A recent survey of 1,000 mothers across America by TheMotherhood.com looked at moms’ grocery shopping priorities in the coming year.

They found that 96% of the moms surveyed plan to make changes to their food-buying habits in 2013. Are you one of them?

More food goals for 2013:

  • 78% said they want to save more money on groceries
  • 68% intend to buy healthier food
  • 67% will try to be more organized in their weekly meal planning
  • 51% said they’d like to make more meals ahead and freeze them
  • 42% want to prepare more meals at home to save money

Of the moms looking to buy healthier foods, just 2% said they buy organic exclusively — but 56% said they buy organic sometimes, and 29% said they want to buy more organic foods in 2013.

Which is where Take an Organic Step Forward comes in…we want to help you add more organic to your life. Since our beginning almost 30 years ago, Earthbound has been committed to producing the purest food possible, food that nourishes and delights. Got some friends who are interested in eating healthier, too? Send them over — the more, the merrier!

For Today’s Step, use Comments below to tell us if YOU resolved to make some changes to your shopping habits in 2013. What’s your top shopping or cooking goal — for yourself or for your family — in the coming year? 

Weigh In is an ongoing discussion series where we stop talking and listen to you on the latest organic and green issues.

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