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We All Lost 20 Pounds Last Month

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You may not think of a compost pail the way you would a favorite kitchen gadget — but changing the way you treat food leftovers is a powerful tool for eating (and living) greener!

In 2011, Americans threw away more than 36 million tons of food — 96% of it went straight into landfills or incinerators. In landfills, that food waste decomposed to produce methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in contributing to climate change.

That’s about $28-$43 worth of food per person — or around 20 pounds — wasted every month. That’s a lot of resources wasted. And a lot of environmental damage.

Instead of trashing your food scraps, try composting.

Compost is one of the best materials for nourishing your garden. When you use your own food scraps and other organic matter to make it, it’s both eco- and budget-friendly. And you can find a way to compost almost anywhere — even in an apartment.

Compost is “black gold” that helps your plants thrive. And if you’ve grown some fruits or veggies to enjoy, so much the better!

Here are a few online resources to help you get started composting:

Take Today’s Step and explore your composting options. (No green thumb? Find great ways to reduce your food waste in this PDF from the NRDC.) Which way will you go? Let us know in Comments below!

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