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View from the Field: Waking From Winter

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Organic farmers must be intimately attuned to the rhythm of their land. As spring approaches, we’re already busy preparing for new crops.

As these fields in San Lucas, in the southern part of California’s Salinas Valley, wake from winter, the work of preparing for springtime production has already begun.

  • In the foreground, the fallow, fertile soil awaits planting; you can see a worker applying organic fertilizer from his tractor.
  • The pale green in the distance to the right are the very young plantings just coming up.
  • Beyond the tractor to the left, overhead sprinklers provide moisture to help germinate new plantings.

How do organic farmers work? It starts with this: working with Nature, instead of relying on chemicals. It sounds simple…and it’s a big job!

**This photo of an Earthbound ranch in San Lucas, CA, was taken Gina Colfer, a member of our dedicated farming team. She’s out in our fields almost every day, trusty camera at her side.**

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