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Turn Purées Into Pops

July 2015

Got kids? Got summer sun? You need some yummy heat relief!

Even if you don't have youngsters in your house, when the weather’s warm, you’re looking for foods that can help you cool down. (We sure are!)

So we asked our friend Stacie — the talented mom at — for her thoughts on that timely topic.

And she came up with some simple, kid-friendly popsicle ideas that start with healthy organic produce like berries, grapes, mangos and a little green kale, and don’t finish with tons of added sugar. 

Watch Stacie do it: 

Now, make your own Kale Berry Popsicles and Mango Grape Popsicles. Delicious...refreshing...and oh, so easy! 

Try your hand at Kale Berry Pops and Mango Grape Pops

Even if you haven’t seen our new Smoothie Kickstarts in your store (yet), Earthbound Organic frozen fruits & veggies are easy to keep on hand for whenever the popsicle urge hits. All are certified organic, which means no GMOs, no artificial ingredients and no pesticide residues for little tummies (or grown ones, either).

(Stacie’s got a great popsicle thing going for more sophisticated tastes, too, combining fruits and herbs in mouthwatering recipes like Tarragon Blackberry Grapefruit Pops, or creating multi-use delights like All-Purpose Blueberry Purée for Smoothies, Pops, Grilled Chops and More. Who said the kids get to have all the fun?)

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Recipes and photos courtesy Stacie Billis,

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