Organic Bound

Stylish & Earth-Friendly? You Betcha!

April 2014

Choosing reusables when you can is a beautiful way to pamper the planet — and show off a little personal style at the same time!

For example, if every American uses a reusable shopping bag just ONCE a week this year, we’ll keep 16 billion bags out of landfills. 


There’s a world of stylish reusables to check out, like these clever examples:

  • Biodegradable, recyclable cotton napkins come on a perforated roll like paper towels, and they’re washable up to 6 times — perfect for picnics, portable lunches or casual dinner at home (ElleDé loves them for summer entertaining).
  • When you can, ditch the drab disposable in favor of your own classy spill-proof mug (or travel tea cup).
  • And how about using your own utensils? Our friends at created a roundup of nifty reusables with a little something for everyone (and nothing for the trash can)!


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