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Something Different to Grill This Summer

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Our friend Ashley at the Edible Perspective cooks, photographs and writes about clean, simple, healthy and utterly delicious vegetarian food. She’s created an unusual flavor combo to grace your grill this summer.

“I wanted to really do something fun and unique. My mom was here helping me brainstorm for this recipe. What could we do that was a bit out of the ordinary? Maybe something sweet and savory? Something perfect for a barbecue spread or to hoard in your fridge and eat throughout the week.

“What about peach barbecue sauce? Wait! What about grilled peach barbecue sauce?

“I swear this sauce is almost juicy! You can definitely fully purée it for a smooth consistency if you like, but I prefer to leave it a bit thick. That way you can get little bits of peachy goodness with each bite.”

Ashley’s recipe pairs the sauce with grilled cooked polenta on skewers; she says that the polenta almost caramelizes, creating a crispy exterior with a soft, creamy center and a deeper corn flavor.

“Heck,” she says, “it’s even good cold.”

We can’t think of many more delicious ways to enjoy beautiful organic peaches this summer.

Try Ashley’s Grilled Peach Barbecue Sauce with Grilled Polenta — her recipe is gluten-free and vegan, but there are so many ways we can think of to use that sauce, we can’t wait to get started with all kinds of grillable foods!

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