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Simple Superfood Swaps

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Choosing healthier versions of your favorite foods is a great way to start eating better…and our friends at Treehugger.com have taken that idea one step farther with “10 Simple Swaps to Sneak Super Foods into Your Diet,” a quick (and deliciously photographed) slideshow with tips about simple yet new choices that turn up the volume on nutrition and taste.

Try subbing sweet potatoes for carrots…kale for spinach…almond butter for peanut butter…and more. The feature includes some interesting recipe ideas, too, so you can put the info to work on your table right away.

Of course, choosing organic whenever you can doubles your impact — when it’s healthier for you AND better for the planet, we all win!


Take Today’s Step: view “10 Simple Swaps to Sneak Super Foods into Your Diet” on Treehugger.com and then tell us what you think. What’s your favorite healthy eating tip? Have you swapped any superfoods into your meals? Share with the TAOSF community in Comments below!

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