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Share Your Favorite Summer Adventure

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If you traveled this summer — or even if there’s a place you WANT to go someday — a great way to share the fun is to turn it into easy budget- and Earth-conscious decorations for your Summer Soirée!

Create a summer adventure atmosphere with items that evoke a sense of place:

  • Kids' drawingFamily Art: Get big paper from the craft store and have the kids create a mural of your vacation spot. Use it behind the food table or on a wall to set the stage for your party.
  • Found Objects: Use souvenirs from your trip as table or hanging decor. Artifacts you picked up, postcards, key rings…even colorful hats and sunglasses can set the stage.
  • Kids on BeachPhoto Show: Print out beautiful or funny vacation photos for use as decorations, place mats, signs, flags or other party graphics. If you’ve got tech like a gaming console, Roku box or Apple TV, create a slide show to run on your TV as a backdrop, using music from a vacation-themed playlist.
  • Search Google or Pinterest for “party decoration ideas” for all kinds of themes and budgets.

Create your own memorabilia decorations and you’re making memories, not waste. Choose reusable/recyclable/recycled content materials as much as possible, and be sure to recycle your paper creations when it’s time to clean up.

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