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See Healthier Eating Within Reach

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Want your family to eat more healthy snacks? The answer to that perennial question may turn out to be clear…a clear bowl, that is.

A recent study reported in the journal Environment and Behaviour observed college students who were told they were welcome to some healthy snacks. Apple slices and baby-cut carrots were placed in either a clear or opaque bowl, on a table that was close by or a short distance away. Researchers found that the students were significantly more likely to eat apples that were in a clear bowl nearby. That wasn’t true for the carrots, nor even for the apples when they were in the opaque bowl.

The conclusion? Making healthier food options more visible makes a difference. So put a clear bowl on a table where your family likes to relax and stock it with your favorite fresh organic fruit. It’s not likely to last long…and that’s a healthy thing!

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