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Salad Dressing 101

Salad Dressing 101

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Gorgeous greens. Crisp veggies. Maybe some beans, a few nuts or even some fruit. You’ve carefully chosen your salad ingredients for great flavor and texture. Now boost the Wow factor with homemade dressing. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make a super-fresh, delicious salad dressing to top it off.

All you need is a few minutes, a few pantry-friendly ingredients and a simple ratio — 2 parts oil to 1 part acidic vinegar or juice, plus any seasonings or flavorings you like (or just salt and pepper) — to whip up a homemade dressing that puts the bottle to shame. And you know everything that goes into it, so you’ll have no surprises. (Except maybe how easy and tasty it is.) 

Even the simplest dressing of all can be amazing if you layer the ingredients in the right order. Toss your salad with your favorite oil, then add some salt and pepper, then toss again. Finally, drizzle in a complementary vinegar or citrus juice and toss one last time. Delicious!

Here’s your cheat sheet — let’s get started!



Do you still offer weekly
By: mjaneb

Do you still offer weekly coupons?  I got hooked on Earthbound products when the coupons were available.  Now, I can't find coupons and have drifted away from your products to the other organic brands.  Thanks for your consideration.  Mary Jane Barnett

How do I know what spices go
By: bltodd3_1

How do I know what spices go with what vinegar and oil to taste good?


Brandy W. - spices for oils and vinegars
By: jean

The fun part of making your own salad dressing is finding the combos that please your palate. Try the basic oil, vinegar, salt and pepper method to start (the animation above happens to use balsamic vinegar, but any acidic juice or vinegar can work), then experiment with different flavorings that you like. Have fun! There’s no right or wrong, only what tastes good to *you*. ~Jean at Earthbound

Thanks for the great salad
By: ally

Thanks for the great salad dressing infographic, it's giving me so many brilliant ideas to try out :D

I love making my own
By: babsy998

I love making my own dressings as some salads taste better with an Italian flair while other veggies do well with an Asian flair and I can control the sodium that way as well.

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