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One Healthy Veg, Two Delicious Ways

1 Healthy Veg, 2 Delicious Ways

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Our Frozen Organic Butternut Squash starred in our friend Ashley’s recent Edible Perspective blog about feast-day cooking (you know the day we mean). 

Our Frozen Organic Butternut Squash is organic butternut, cut and recipe ready for just about any dish, savory or sweet.

Ashley used it in two recipes that took this versatile veggie in different directions:

  • A delightful Butternut Squash Apple Smoothie to start your day (or restart your afternoon)
  • A velvety Butternut Squash Apple Soup that’s perfect for lunch or a dinner starter

Both happen to be gluten free and vegan — and delicious! (But you knew that already, right?)

You’ll find these recipes (and more) here on Edible Perspective. You’ll find Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Butternut Squash where you buy your other Earthbound favorites (or check our store list here). Bon appétit!

Yummy images courtesy of Ashley McLaughlin

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