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Not Just Another Pretty Green

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Long a staple of Mediterranean diets, arugula has only recently come into its own on American plates with the advent of pre-washed baby arugula. Tossed into a salad or a sauté, this pretty green delivers a delicately spicy flavor that’s different and delicious.

But there are more reasons to love arugula beyond its veggie versatility and salad sophistication. It’s cousin to broccoli and Brussels sprouts, all members of the cruciferous plant family well known for its healthy nutrition cred. Arugula is an excellent source of:  

  • Vitamin A, to help maintain healthy eyes and skin
  • Vitamin K, important for blood clotting and bone health
  • Vitamin C, for a strong immune system, plus healthy teeth and gums
  • Folate, which helps form red blood cells and produce DNA — plus, it reduces the risk of brain and spinal cord defects in newborns, so it’s especially important for pregnant women

And choosing organic arugula helps you avoid pesticide residues in your food…and in our environment. Like most greens, arugula absorbs nutrients into its cells — and when it’s grown conventionally, arugula also readily absorbs impurities like pesticides. At Earthbound we grow our arugula without toxic synthetic chemicals, using organic methods that nourish the land and the people who enjoy our harvest.


Take Today’s Step by trying organic baby arugula in a recipe where you might ordinarily use baby spinach.

Then share: did you like it, maybe find a new favorite? Or are you already an Arugula Aficionado? Let us know in Comments below!


Learn more about arugula’s healthy eating credentials on our Arugula pages.

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