Organic Bound

Share These Fall Leaves

November 2013

Here’s a fun activity for the young or young at heart, a way for anyone (in any size group) to share the things that they appreciate in this season of thanks.

  • Print out the Leaves of Thanks sheet on plain or autumn-colored paper.  
  • Cut them out to create separate leaves (or leave some sheets uncut for young artists to color).
  • Have everyone take a moment to think about something they appreciate in their lives right now.
  • Provide colored markers so everyone can write something on their leaves to share.

When everyone is finished, you can hang the leaves on a bulletin board, string them on a thread to make a garland, make a wreath (paper plates make a great backing), even sprinkle them casually around the table as a nice decoration. Or just take turns sharing what you’ve written as a lovely conversation starter at your Thanksgiving table! 

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