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Healthier Thirst Quenchers

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Sodas and other sweetened beverages are getting a lot of attention, none of it good. But what are the alternatives? Now there’s a new online resource aiming to make it easier for us to choose drinks we can feel good about — for ourselves and our families.

The Better Beverage Finder is a database of about 300 different types of drinks, searchable by  type (coffee, tea, juice, dairy, alternatives, etc.), sweeteners (if any) and other options like “no caffeine” and “best for kids.” Results provide info on a wide range of products, from ones you’ll recognize to others you may not have heard of. You’ll see:

  • What’s in the beverage
  • How it’s sweetened
  • Calories and sugar content
  • Sizes and flavors
  • Whether it’s rated good for kids under 13
  • A link to the product’s own website

For many products, there’s also a local shopping map — in this case, Howard County, Maryland — but the info is plenty useful no matter where you live (even if you’re all the way across the country like we are, in California).

The Finder and its parent, Howard County Unsweetened, were developed by a group in Howard County, Maryland — with backing from the Horizon Foundation and experts at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food and Policy — but we think that the benefits of healthier living don’t stop at any county line.

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