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Going for Greens? Go Organic!

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Deep green leafy vegetables like kales, spinach, mustards and chards are amazingly flavorful and nutrient rich. Baby versions – like our Zen, Power and Kale — don’t need the prep and cooking necessary for their mature brethren, so it’s easy to get those good-for-you greens whenever you want.

Why choose organic? To make good greens great — for your body and the Earth, too!

  • Great flavor: In a fresh salad or a sizzling sauté, the intriguing combo of organic Asian mustards, chards and spinach in Zen makes your taste buds take notice.
  • Super strength: Our Kale is packed with nutrients to keep your bones strong, your eyes sharp, and help reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases.
  • Body- and Earth-friendly: Conventionally grown spinach and kale are #6 and #16, respectively, on the Environmental Working Group’s "Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce" because they carry a lot of pesticide residues — so choosing organic greens (like our Deep Green Blends) is a super way to keep toxic chemicals out of your food AND the environment.

Go organic with your deep greens — and check out our delicious recipes for more healthy and yummy ideas!

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