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Give Your Holiday Breakfast Some Love

Give Your Holiday Breakfast Some Love

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Breakfast is one of those meals that can accommodate just about any food you like, whether sweet or savory. Since it’s also the most important meal of the day, breakfast deserves some special love for the holidays.

Breakfast also typically offers lots of tasks you can parcel out to experienced and beginner cooks alike — so if you’ve got extended family around for the holidays, inviting them into the kitchen is a great way to lighten the load and get everyone involved in creating something delicious.

Our friend Amelia at Eating Made Easy enlists her special assistant to help make a special breakfast that she calls The Best Christmas Quiche.

“I've made this quiche with every veggie under the sun,” she says, “but my most recent favorite version includes onions, Applegate turkey bacon and Earthbound’s Frozen Organic Rainbow Chard. This quiche is also the perfect way to put any extra fresh greens you have to good use — Organic Baby Spinach, Zen, Baby Arugula — they all taste delicious!” (Thanks to Amelia for sharing these great photos, too.)

Here are some more special breakfast or brunch recipes from our favorite bloggers to share with your family and friends over the holidays. (You don’t have to tell anyone about the secretly healthy ingredients!)

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