Fresh Herbs for All!

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  • Fresh Herbs for All - Basic Herb Guide Pinterest
  • Oregano goes well with meat, tomato and egg dishes Pinterest
  • Cilantro pairs well with spicy foods Pinterest
  • Rosemary is delicious with roasted potatoes and savory breads Pinterest
  • Mint adds brightness to many dishes and drinks Pinterest
  • Dill is delightful with fish and in sauces and pickles Pinterest
  • Sage is a natural in stuffings and browned butter Pinterest
  • Thyme is versatile, from meats and sauces to soups and stews Pinterest
  • Parsley is so much more than a garnish Pinterest
  • Tarragon pairs well with tomatoes and chicken Pinterest
  • Basil is best as a garnish or added at the last minute Pinterest
  • Chives add delicate flavor to egg dishes and soups Pinterest
Fresh Herbs for All - Basic Herb Guide
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Fresh herbs are a great way to add flavor to your food — and they’re increasingly available in grocery stores, so they’re more accessible than ever.

Big plus: when you choose fresh organic herbs, you help reduce the pesticide residues in your food (and cut the environment a break, too). 

Here are some easy Earthbound recipes to help you get comfy with the versatility of fresh herbs:

Try this easy herb strategy: learn how to freeze & preserve fresh herbs in olive oil in this excellent post from

And here’s a great technique FAQ on using fresh herbs at

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