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Healthy food and healthy activity go together naturally. January is a great time to start something new — or get back into your groove.

  • Try out. Look for trial offers near work or home. Ask your friends if they like their gym; they can often get a free guest pass to let you try before you buy.
  • Branch out. Fitness centers offer programs for a wide variety of ages, goals and fitness levels; if you have a specific concern, instructors can help you get moving without getting hurt. At any level, learning a new activity benefits body and mind.
  • Bring it home. If you have a game console, check out activity-based games that both move and entertain you. If you prefer streaming video, try online sources like Fitness Blender or YouTube.

The key to exercise is regularity — so find something you like, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it and feel the benefits that start to accumulate. Set your own pace and ramp up whenever you’re ready. Your sneakers are waiting…have fun!

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