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Do We Need to Fix Food & Agriculture?

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Recently Bloomberg Businessweek brought together a panel of food thought leaders to talk about the challenges of making food nutritious, sustainable and abundant. Fix This: Food and Agriculture panelists were Dr. Elisabeth Hagen (Undersecretary for Food Safety, USDA), Richard Leach (Pres. & CEO, World Food Program USA), Craig Wilson (VP of Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Costco) and our own Charles Sweat (Pres. & CEO, Earthbound Farm).

Take Today’s Step and learn more about how these people — whose lives revolve around food — are thinking about the big issues in food and agriculture. It might drive some interesting conversation at your dinner table, too!

  • Read the magazine: see “Fix This: Food & Agriculture” in the Jan. 20, 2013 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Read the article online
  • Watch the videos — you’ll see Charlie in action in the segments “The Local Food Movement: Is It Sustainable?” and “What Role Does Industry Play in Obesity?” (click to select, just to the right of the main video player screen)

Did this give you some food for thought? Let us know what you think in Comments below!

Photo by Justin Steele for Bloomberg Businessweek. From left: Charles Sweat/Earthbound Farm; Dr. Elisabeth Hagen/USDA; Craig Wilson/Costco; Richard Leach/World Food Program USA.

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