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Do It for the Bees

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You probably have some specific reasons for choosing organic — maybe you think (as we do) that organic tastes better…maybe you’re trying to avoid synthetic chemicals in your food (and your kids’)…or maybe you’re trying to make your life a little greener.

But the benefits of organic scale up and out in more ways than you expect, and some are downright unexpected. Our friends at Delicious Living Magazine have come up with six less-obvious reasons for going organic whenever you can…from apples to salmon to your brain & heart.

Check out the “6 Surprising Reasons to Go Organic” slideshow on Delicious Living. What surprises you? 

At Earthbound Farm, organic has been our story since the very beginning. And beyond farming organically, we’re always working to reduce our environmental footprint. Even small efforts add up to some big numbers.

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