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Color Your Plate Organic

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Eating plenty of colorful produce is more than just delicious. Naturally colored fruits and veggies deliver important vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Plant foods also contain phytochemicals, powerful nutrients that help strengthen our immune system, reduce our risk for some diseases like certain cancers and type 2 diabetes, and help keep our digestive tract healthy. (And they give fruits and veggies those gorgeous hues.)

Whenever you can, choose organic especially for these fruits and veggies — when they’re grown conventionally, they can carry high levels of pesticide residues back to you and your family, residues that often can’t be washed off:

We grow Earthbound Farm certified organic fruits and vegetables without toxic synthetic pesticides and fertilizers — using sustainable farming methods that protect the environment and help keep pesticides out of our soil, air, water and food supply. And we think organic tastes better, too!

Make a special effort to add new color to your meals this week: some organic berries in your breakfast, a crunchy apple or carrot in your lunch, some leafy greens in your dinner. What’s your favorite food color?

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