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Clean eating? Eat fewer rocks (salt, that is)

Clean Eating? Eat Fewer of These Rocks

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Salt (sodium chloride) is a mineral — it’s the only rock we eat. But we’re eating too much of it (on average, about 3,300mg/day versus the recommended <1,500-2,300mg/day), which is leading to lots of bad health consequences: high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease.

The biggest offender? Salt in processed foods is the biggest source of sodium in American diets. Check out the top offenders here. Want to go deeper? Take the American Heart Association’s quiz to get The Scoop on Sodium.

We’re confusing saltiness with flavor. Who needs that?

Real flavor comes from the quality of your ingredients and from the seasonings you use to complement them.

  • Source: Start with high-quality whole foods — there’s no substitute for shopping and cooking yourself. It can be fun, and (maybe with practice) it tastes so good!
  • Brand: In packaged foods, different brands of the same food can have very different sodium levels. Read the label; look for short lists of ingredients you recognize.
  • The true arbiters of taste: Herbs and spices showcase your ingredients; you can experiment with different spice mixtures to change up the flavors of your favorites. Got a green thumb? Grow your own kitchen herbs on your windowsill.

Get your taste buds started on their journey of discovery:

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