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Check That Fish in Your Dish

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Like seafood? We love it! Choosing sustainably produced seafood helps protect the health of our oceans in the same way that choosing organic food helps protect the health of our land. Responsible stewardship of land and sea means better food and a healthier planet for all of us.

Image courtesy Monterey Bay AquariumOur friends at the aquarium’s Seafood Watch program understand that it’s not easy for us landlubbers to know which fish is which. They’ve developed a scientifically based series of guides to help people in every region of the country identify the best choices for the tastiest and healthiest seafood around. Check out their pocket-size printable guidesapps for iPhone and Android, too!

Take Today’s Step and print out the guide for your area or download the app for your phone —seafood tastes even better when you know it’s helping to keep our oceans healthy! Do you use the Seafood Watch guide already? What are your favorite seafood picks? Share in Comments below.

What’s that recipe in the picture? Coconut-Crusted Salmon from The Earthbound Cook by our co-founder, Myra Goodman — surprisingly easy and incredibly delicious!

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