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Be Water Wise

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At Earthbound Farm, we’re always conscious of conserving water. It’s good for the planet and for business. Saving water is easier than you think.

  • Did you know that taking a 10-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead saves 1.5 gallons every minute over a conventional showerhead (that’s 15 gallons per shower)?
  • Even food uses different amounts of water in production and preparation — your morning cup of coffee can account for as much as 37 gallons of water use, but a cup of tea uses just 9 gallons from crop to cup.

See more facts on the water you use (and how much water is used to produce things you use) in GOOD’s “Walk This Way” chart.

Then, take Today's Step by making one water-wise choice that helps reduce your water footprint. Making a change that’s easy will make it last!

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