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Avocado Adds Up

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Call us sentimental, but any kind of get-together brings out the dipper in us — and then, of course, we think of avocados!

They’re part of one of our favorite dips of all time, but avocados are more than guacamole. Along with that delicious flavor:

So take Today’s Step and add some avocado to your menu — spread a ripe one on some crunchy whole grain toast with a little sea salt and cracked pepper; slice one over your salad greens; scoop carrots, celery, bell peppers and cucumbers into a fresh avocado salsa. Your taste buds and your body will both benefit.

BONUS: Make your avocados organic, and you’ll help keep the residues of conventional agricultural pesticides and fertilizers out of your food — and the environment — so the planet will benefit, too!


Even more reasons to eat my
By: clarissa

Even more reasons to eat my favorite. Love it.

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