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All in the (Pumpkin) Family

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Every fall, so many wonderful varieties of winter squash come to market across the country. Can you tell a Carnival from a Jarrahdale? A Cinderella from a Cha Cha? Now you can, with our handy Pumpkin & Squash ID chart!

They have different colors, shapes and sizes — some are VERY different, right? — but despite their wide-ranging looks, winter squash varieties generally have a very similar flavor and can substitute for each other in most recipes.

Why choose organic winter squash? In addition to organic food’s big environmental benefits, conventional winter squash can often be coated with petroleum-based fungicidal waxes to extend its shelf life; these waxes are extremely difficult to remove and can be absorbed into the squash’s edible flesh. You won’t find those on organic squash, for sure.

Download your own Pumpkin & Squash ID Chart so you can call the best of fall’s bounty in your area by name. What’s your favorite winter squash? A big Jack o’ Lantern? A petite Sugar Pie? Or is it the weirdest one with bumps? 

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