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5 Mins With a Foodie: Chef Sarah LaCasse

March 2014

We love to talk about all things food-related, so we recently nabbed one of our favorite foodies, Earthbound Executive Chef Sarah LaCasse, and got her to spend a few minutes talking about food instead of preparing it! (Check out the conversation with our other favorite foodie, Earthbound co-founder Myra Goodman, now on our Fresh Feast blog.)

OB:    When we say, “Kale,” you say…
Sarah:    Smoothie!

OB:   Do you have any rules you cook by?
Sarah:   I have a simple rule at the Farm Stand: if it doesn’t add flavor, don’t put it in the pot. Taste first.

OB:   What’s most important to you in choosing ingredients?
Sarah:   Freshness, absolutely.

OB:   Do you buy any Earthbound products?
Sarah:   I’m so lucky: in my kitchen at the Farm Stand, I have access to all of Earthbound’s products all the time! When I’m grocery shopping myself, I choose Earthbound whenever I can. My current favorite is our Power greens, and I always prefer our carrots and cauliflower.

OB:   What’s your favorite utensil right now?
Sarah:   My hand (immersion) blender — it can often do what my knife or a food processor can’t do; if I could only choose one tool, that would be it.

OB:   When the going gets tough…have you had to pull out a Kitchen MacGyver Moment?
Sarah:   Recently I was cooking at a private home, and dessert was a selection of puddings with whipped cream toppings. I didn’t bring a whisk for the cream, figuring they’d have a hand blender or at least a whisk. And they had: neither! So I grabbed a pair of forks, froze the bowl, and whipped the cream by hand. Success! I’d made little individual chocolate, lemon, strawberry and peanut butter puddings, and they looked so cute with their dollop of cream. (That was my first peanut butter pudding, a recipe I developed, and it came out thick & creamy, with a lovely peanut-buttery color, pure peanut flavor — and no eggs. Double success!)

OB:   Do you have a favorite Meatless Monday meal?
Sarah:   I eat a lot of meatless meals. One of my current favorites is oven-roasted sweet potatoes and butternut, tossed with white beans and hearty greens (like Power), plus salt, pepper and a little olive oil. So good!

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