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3 Ways to Recognize Earth-Friendly Products

3 Ways to Recognize Earth-Friendly Products

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How do you find products that protect your health and our planet? Take a walk down any store aisle, and the choices can boggle your mind!

Here are 3 ways we recognize the Earth-friendly products that deserve a place in our shopping carts:

  1. Look for the USDA Organic seal. These products that have been produced without toxic synthetic chemicals or GMOs, and contain no artificial ingredients, hormones, antibiotics or trans fats. Other go-to cues for Earth-friendly third-party certification include Non-GMO Project Verified and Fair Trade Certified.
  2. Look for brands that reduce their eco-footprint by using sustainable packaging: recycled content, recyclable materials and — even better — reusable design.
  3. Look for brands with understandable, trustworthy claims. If the package says “Natural,” but the ingredients are unpronounceable, just say no! 

Extra credit: Delve a bit deeper on the package or on the company’s website. Does the company have a mission — and does it involve protecting the Earth and supporting your health? That’s a good sign your purchase is supporting what’s important to all of us: healthy people and a healthy planet!

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