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Formula for a Happy Desk Lunch

Make a Happy Desk Lunch

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Ever get so busy that you just power through lunchtime at your desk? Us, too. And it’s often not an appetizing scenario. So we’ve been working with our friends at Food52 to find ways to improve the dreaded desk lunch.

Marian Bull, Food52’s Assistant Editor & Community Manager, had an idea:

"I've always gotten a kick out of Sad Desk Lunch, a Tumblr blog where cubicle dwellers can commiserate over their less-than-ideal midday meals. (Think lots of vending machine snacks, cold leftovers and weird plastic forks.)

"When I started working at Food52, I was impressed by the care with which my coworkers prepared their lunches — even if they were leftovers, or eaten while catching up on email. So I thought it only fitting to start a column that would give Sad Desk Lunch eaters some hope. Our column shares ideas for meals that you can prep at home or in the office (or both), and pulls inspiration from the lunches we eat at the Food52 offices in Manhattan. I hope that it will encourage people to give their lunches a little more love."

Check out Not Sad Desk Lunch — and here’s to a better (tasting) lunch break!


I live alone, so cooking for
By: mcole3193

I live alone, so cooking for one is always an issue for me.  I recently resolved to cook and eat better meals, so I have designated Sunday afternoon as cooking time for the upcoming week.  Furthermore, I brought in the extras I cooked to share with co-workers -- now four co-workers share my cooking every week, and give me money to offset the expense of the food.  Win-Win-Win for all of us!

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