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Quinoa on the Griddle?

November 2013

Everyone’s jumping on the quinoa train these days, and it’s no wonder: that fluffy little grain is a versatile kitchen player in the kitchen and a nutrition powerhouse..

You may have heard of quinoa as a substitute for rice in a pilaf, or for oatmeal in a hot cereal…but quinoa on the griddle? Really?

Our friend Anjali, the Picky Eater behind the blog of the same name, replies with a resounding “Yes!”

She came up with her crispy Quinoa and Corn Griddle Cakes to persuade her new husband not to be “weirded out” by quinoa. Then she topped it with a fresh and spicy black bean salsa for added texture and flavor.

From what we can see, her plan worked. Try her recipe (it’s got some really nice in-progress photos, too) — we think you’ll agree!

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