Every Body Deserves Safe Food

Like you, we believe that we all must do more to protect our food supply. So Earthbound Farm not only sets higher standards, we exceed them.

Our commitment to safe food starts with our choice to farm organically, made over a quarter-century ago. It extends to the way we plant, grow, harvest, test, inspect, wash, handle, package and deliver fresh produce to your family today. Our safety program is one of the most rigorous in the industry.

On Safer Ground

Before planting, we evaluate each field’s natural history to uncover anything that might need special attention. From planting to harvest, each stage is inspected and audited to ensure it meets our strict food safety standards.

Testing One-Two

We lab-test freshly harvested greens for pathogenic E. coli, salmonella and shigella, and we destroy any greens that show signs of these bacteria. Only cleared greens enter our processing lines. All plant employees wear protective clothing to prevent unshielded contact with produce as equipment inspects, washes, and dries the delicate greens. Optical sorters remove stray pebbles and twigs, and the greens are passed through metal detectors as well. Then the salads are pre-washed in cold, lightly chlorinated water before packaging. At this point, the greens are lab-tested again. Salads shipped to store shelves have been food safety-tested twice.

Validated by the Best

Don't just take our word for it. Safety is unreliable without validation. We submit to the most stringent third-party validations in the industry, including the BRC Global Standards for Food Safety and more: 

Traceability to a "T"

We know where every leaf comes from in every salad we produce. Should we ever need to, we can instantly trace the farm and processing source of your greens just by looking at the code on each package. 


           A   This letter tells us which facility the salad was packed in.

           B   This number tells us the date the salad was packed.

           C   This letter tells us which shift packed the salad.

           D   This number tells us which line produced the salad.

           E   This number tells us exactly what time the salad was packed. 


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