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I need help printing coupons.

If you're having problems printing your Earthbound coupon:

1) Be sure that your printer is turned on and ready to print. You’ll see a preview of the offer onscreen, but the coupon is sent straight to your printer. If the printer isn’t ready, you may lose the coupon.

2) Our coupon doesn't print from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Please use a laptop or desktop computer that’s connected (wired or wireless) to an actual printer.

3) Earthbound coupons use a print app called PrintMyCoupon from RevTrax. If you have additional questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page — there you’ll find instructions on installing PrintMyCoupon on your PC or Mac, selecting your printer, and any error messages that might appear.

If you get an error message saying that you’ve already printed the allowed number of coupons, please email us at Use the email address you used to sign up, and describe what happened in as much detail as you can; we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot!

Please note that while we'll try to help you print our coupons successfully, Earthbound Farm can't guarantee that every individual computer configuration will be compatible with our coupon printer. You are responsible for maintaining your own system software and security; we encourage everyone to follow safe browsing habits online and to download programs only from trusted sites. Watch this Google video about online safety for some good tips about staying safe while you have fun online.

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