Organic or “Natural” — Just No Comparison

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What does Organic mean? It’s clearly defined: in fact, the USDA has strictly regulated organic food since 2002. When you see the USDA Organic seal, you know the food is coming from farms committed to the health and harmony of the ecosystem. That’s everything — people, wildlife, plants, soil and water.

So what does “natural” mean? Compare and see for yourself. 

When you’re shopping, take a moment to read the label before you put an item in your cart. What’s in a label? Everything you need to know, when you see the USDA Organic seal.

Want to know more? Check out ”The Natural Effect,” a cool new video from Only Organic!


Here is my
By: jennybuttke

Here is my apples are often sprayed with antibiotics to prevent fire blight. Now, I am not able to eat them because of this. Antibiotics are "natural" sure enough. That does not make them safe to use. I also understand that they won't be allowed any more, but apples out there right now and until Oct. 2014 will be allowed to be sprayed. I just think maybe you "picked" a really bad example for your most recent article. 

Jenny B.
By: jean

Jenny B, you’re right that, until later this year, antibiotics are allowed -- as a last resort -- to treat the devastating fireblight disease that sometimes afflicts apple orchards in North America (southern hemisphere orchards haven’t had to deal with this disease). That allowance is why we specified “antibiotics in livestock” in this infographic to be sure we’re accurate. While we’re eager to see antibiotics out of apple production (we're hopeful that new treatments will emerge, so we won't continue to lose harvests to the disease, or lose organic orchards because farmers can’t take the risk of losing their harvests), their last-resort use in apples is different from the routine sub-therapeutic use in livestock.  ~Jean at Earthbound

I buy organic apples....
By: nstandley

I buy organic apples.....worth the higher price for my health and support of organic farming. First thing we should spend money on is quality food for our bodies!

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