So Much More Than Salad

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Welcome to our brand new blog! We’re excited to invite you to pull up a chair at our virtual farm table. You may be familiar with our founding story – New York natives Drew and Myra Goodman finding their way onto two and a half acres of heirloom raspberries in Carmel Valley, California, seeking to cultivate their crops without the use of synthetic fertilizers or dangerous chemical pesticides. We’ve come a long way in the 29 years since the Goodmans first began, and as you’ll discover Earthbound Farm is so much more than salad.

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It takes a lot of folks to keep the largest organic produce company in the world going, and we’ll bring you stories and anecdotes from all corners of our company, as told from different points of view sharing just what it takes to bring a bounty of organic fruits and veggies to your table. Pre-washed packaged salad and baby greens were new ideas when Drew and Myra started, and Earthbound Farm continues to bring fresh food ideas to produce, snacks and most recently the freezer section of your grocery store! We’ll be starting the conversation, but we want to hear your thoughts and opinions, too. Comments are moderated and very much welcome. After all, it’s our mission to bring the benefits of organic food to as many people as possible while serving as a catalyst for positive change. We want to know how we’re doing!

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  1. Renee

    Thanks for starting this blog, Earthbound.

  2. Julie G.

    It is refreshing to be able to purchase organic produce that’s ready to be used on a moments notice. It makes busy week nights a little easier. Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing!

  3. jill

    thanks for your products!

  4. Katherine R.

    I love your spinach and lettuce. When I find your products at my Publix I scoop them up. I am unsure if they carry your frozen potatoes but on my next week grocery shopping trip I am going to look . Please continue to provide my family with great veggies.
    Thank you,
    Kathy Ressler

  5. deb

    love this website


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