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Robots Helping Keep Jobs

This is a nice story that we worked on with CBS-5 TV in San Francisco a few weeks ago on robotics in manufacturing. They featured Earthbound alongside Adept Technologies (who makes our packing robots) and a few other companies to demonstrate that robotics and humans are actually working together to make human jobs better and keep them in the US.

"...At Earthbound, the repetitive task of putting lettuce in plastic containers is now up to a machine. The human worker who used to do it has not lost their job nor has anyone else at the company. Instead, workers are trained to work with robots and their new skill-set earns them a higher wage. Executives at the company say robots will enable them to increase productivity, lower prices for customers and allow employees to have a better life. 'They are going to afford a better [standard] of living,' says Earthbound Farm Vice President Will Daniels."

See the story and watch the video on CBS-5 TV's website.

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